What is a Hybrid Car?

The technology for the hybrid car has been in existence since the 19th century when cars were first introduced to the public.

Hybrid powered cars are merely cars that derive power from more than energy source. All cars today have a battery that starts the car and powers its other accessories and lights.

During the late 1990's a car with more electrical power and an electric motor to power move the car together with the gasoline engine started to be considered by some car designers.

These vehicles were deemed to be viable alternatives to gasoline only models. Some prototypes and production models were offered in the market and became popular.

-The picture to the left depicts the Dodge Ram 1500 Hybrid-

What is a Hybrid Car / Breaking it Down

The term hybrid car can be any vehicle with more than one source of power.

For example a bus that can run on overhead electrical lines as well as a diesel engine. Generally however, the term "hybrid car" is used today to denote an automobile that has both a conventional internal combustion engine usually powered by gasoline and a bank of batteries that powers and electric motor and shares the power train between these two sources.

What is a Hybrid Car / The Advantages

 When any car is moving down a road at regular speed on an average road the engine is doing three things. One, it overcoming the rolling resistance or inertia or the drive train.

Two, it is overcoming wind resistance that tries to stop the car from moving. And three, it is powering the steering pump, the brake hydraulics, the air conditioner, and other electrical accessories.

-The picture to the left depicts the Chrysler 300, featuring a unique all-wheel drive system, which uses only the rear wheels until the front ones are needed. This system offers a five-percent gain in fuel economy when compared to cars that do not employ a similar system.

In doing this the engine is not required to produce more than 10 or 20 horsepower.

The 100-200 horsepower that is usually the capacity of the engine is needed only for acceleration from a standing stop, for passing, and for climbing inclines.

Most cars and drivers only use the maximum rated horsepower of their engines one percent of the time that you are driving. This means that most of the time a car is wasting energy carrying the weight and overcoming the friction of a large engine.

What is a Hybrid Car / Inefficiency

The theory behind the efficiency of the hybrid car is that issues a small an efficient gasoline engine 90 to 99 percent of the time when the car only needs minimal power to keep the car moving and to charge a bank of batteries.

The power in the batteries is used for the accessories and to power an electric motor that is used to augment the power of the small gasoline engine during the times when the power of the gasoline engine is insufficient for acceleration from a standing stop, when passing other vehicles, or when climbing up an incline.

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