What are the different types of ATVs?

ATV stands for all terrain vehicles also known as Quads. ATVs are used in variety of situations because of their ability to move on different surfaces. The most common use of ATVs include utility use, sports and hunting. And just as the uses vary so do the models and the types.

There are different makes to fit the various requirements depending upon the interest of the owner. By understanding the models available you will have a better chance of selecting a quad that will meet
your needs sufficiently.

Utility ATVs

This is the most popular model with campers, hunters, and business owners. The reason why these models are so loved is the four-wheel drive, large engine and the fact that they can haul loads when special accessories are attached. With the utility ATVs, the engine capacity ranges from 150 cc to  800 cc. It is important to note that the engine size is directly proportional to the price. If you intend to get an ATV for rough terrains and hauling of heavy loads you will have to go for a bigger engine. A smaller engine will do just fine if the land you will be traveling on is not all that rough and your load not all that heavy.

Sport ATVs

These are quads designed for sportier activities. They are created with recreational use in mind and can be a good choice for people looking to enter into competitions and races. They have lightweight body frames that allow for easy jumps in extreme competitions. These machines have all the qualities of sports vehicles and have traits that make the investment worthwhile. They have quick acceleration that is needed in races and have excellent suspension for bumpy terrain and jumps.


Also referred to as side by sides, utility task vehicles are created to accommodate more than one individual. They are usually heavier than other ATVs and are fitted with cargo compartments that can accommodate a few hundred pounds. They are somewhere between a pickup truck and a golf cart, with the ability to transverse extremely harsh lands. Because of these capabilities, UTVs are great for ranchers.

Whichever ATV you choose to buy, make sure you talk to an expert so that he can help point you toward the vehicle which best suits your needs.

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