Best ATV Trails in Colorado


Colorado is home to the best ATV trails in the country. Here are some good ones to be aware of the next time you get the urge for some adventure:


Keystone Area

This is a marvelous area for any outdoor lover and even better for ATV riders. It boasts miles of trails and is a good option when you are looking for excitement in the great outdoors. Some of the best areas include the Radical Hill, Vail and Red Cone which have high elevations and require a powerful ATV.


Northern Crested Butte Area

There are two main trails here - Gothic Roads and Slate. These two trails provide a great country view and are considered 'easy' trails.  There are however, a few tough trails such as the Schofield Pass, Gunsight Pass and Crystal River which are great for more experienced people.


Eastern Crested Butte Area

If you are looking for challenging trails, then this is your place. There are three trails that are somehow connected and make one large loop. The Pearl Pass, Italian Creek Road and the Taylor Pass are the main trails here. These trails provide spectacular scenery while the trails provide for your rugged enjoyment.


St. Mary's Glacier

Of the two trails, St. Mary's is the largest one by far, and offers a long trail that circles all the way around the glacier. The other trail, Empire, is not all that long but provides quite a great place to ride.


Alpine Loop

This is perhaps the most popular trail system.  It offers miles of spectacular trails with Engineer Pass and Cinnamon Pass being the two main trails. There are also other smaller trails with equally interesting features. This is an area that can take you a few days to go through and thus a very good destination for an outdoor activity on your ATV.


Taylor Park

This is the premier ATV and dirt bike destination in Colorado. There are miles and miles of trail that would take you up to three weeks to complete. This area provides great outdoor activities in addition to trail riding. You can go fishing and explore mining areas. You can rent an ATV in this area and have the time of your life on the extensive trail system.