ATV Lift Kits


There are many reasons why you may need to fit a lift kit on your ATV. The main reason is that you might want to install new oversize tires on your quad. The lift kit is a good idea because you want to prevent the tires from rubbing the fenders when you are on the move.


Another reason for the lift kit is to give the vehicle an increased ground clearance so that it can move comfortably over obstacles and give it enough space to move through deeper water. The lift kit will make your ATV appear bigger and this makes your machine look cool. Because the lift kit will allow you to fit in bigger tires your ATV will end up with clearance up to five inches, sometimes more. You should use progressive springs/shocks to give your ATV a lift instead of raising the mount points. A lift kit will also allow for stronger suspension that can be fine-tuned.


You can get ATV lift kits for under $200. These are cost effective and are fairly easy to install. Most of these are the stage one lift kits and will give your ATV a lift of between 2 to 3 inches. A lift beyond 3 inches will cost something close to $1000. In other words you can give your ATV that much deserved lift and enjoy the new look, feel and adaptability of your machine.


The main reason why there is such an enormous gap in the prices for the two types of lift kits is the fact that with the latter, you will need many new components to compensate for the extra height. Each ATV lift kit comes with fitting instructions that need to be followed to the letter to successfully outfit your rig. If you have everything you need, and have read the instructions, it should take under two hours to fully install the kit, though the level of difficulty entirely depends on the model of the ATV.